Hubby cooked!

It’s all about presentation.

And of course, taste.

It tasted absolutely gorgeous and melted in my mouth.  It truly was such a treat having hubby cook as I could use the time to give one very excited project some much needed attention.  But enough about my project that I can not yet show you.

I had some chicken and baby cabbage that absolutely had to get used.  A stir fry was what I had in mind.

Little did I know I’d be getting a small masterpiece to digest . . .

Stir fry?  Oh no.  Looks good?  Oh yes.  You expect me to eat that? But it’s too pretty.

Needless to say,  hubby will be cooking lots more.

Never in a million years would I have come up with this idea.  Look at how beautifully he arranged the feta, pear, chicken breast and veggies!  New standards of cooking have certainly been set.

But oh.  The kitchen afterwards.  2 days of my cleaning.

Enjoying a meal from my kitchen I didn’t prepare? Priceless. Truly.


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