Totally awesome

Today I’m sharing a dirty little secret. And some good news too…

Friends, I’m free. I’ve been free for an entire 2 months today.

I might have had to use some Zyban from my GP to get through it, but I did it.

What matters, is that I did it. I finally did it. And it makes me so incredibly happy. (Man. I hated myself for not being able to quit.)

I’ve done it. I’m alive.

You might congratulate me in the comment section. You might not. It’s totally okay. I was never suppose to do it in the first place – hence no congratulations is in order.

I broke free. I am Salomé and I am a non-smoker.

*The hubs snapped this one

  1. Mikaela said:

    Are you still smoke free? If so, massive congratulations =)

    • Salomé said:

      Thanks Mikaela! Yes, I am! Super thrilled about it and its nearly a year now.

    • sewNaais said:

      Thanks Charles!

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