Kitchen chronicles: number 2

In the beginning of the year I resolved to become a tad more handy in the kitchen and realised on the 24th that I’d not done an installment for February. Gasp.

The very next day a ridiculous large amount of groceries was made and I managed not one but two new things!

Butter Chicken

I’ve been dying to come up with something so ridiculously flavourful in MY kitchen. I used PicknPay’s recipe. I liked the idea of being able to get all the ingredients* from one place.

annnnnnd… I made cupcakes!

Finally. What probably put me off every time was that I didn’t have a muffin pan. The bullet was bit and I bought one. Plus a bread pan. I foresee that the ripe bananas might find themselves used after work tonight**.

All in all delicious. But I’d not be able to make this Butter Chicken on a week night. So friends, do any of you have a quicker-but-just-as-tasty-butter-chicken-recipe? Please please please say you do.

A beautiful week to you.

*I failed to find cardamom pods.

**Yes, it’s Sunday and I am indeed spending it at work. Six day weeks positively kill me, so extra fun has to be had at home to get me through.


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