A veggie patch, my veggie patch

Three long days of slog turned into this.

Honestly, hubs did most of the work. I really ought to learn to dig a proper hole myself.

Anyway, after my next purchase of ten or so more bags of gravel the patch’s hardscaping will be done.

Currently planted:

  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • spinach color brights
  • a strawberry plant
  • chamomile
  • basil
  • chives
  • parsley
  • and an unidentified herb (perhaps marjoram or origano ->> quite sure I’ll figure all of it out along the way)

Looking forward to August when I can plant things like carrots and tomatoes. So, now, after spending all hub’s time to get a good looking veggie patch going, I hope I don’t mess it up and kill everything. On the plus side, we already had the water feature but could never leave it unattended in a working conditions cause we know that a certain girl likes to sit in it. That would of course be when the lovies don’t decide the pump’s plastic is rather tasty. Actually then, the perfect spot for the water feature seeing as we didn’t have to move it very far. Apparently, it is HEAVY.

I still have a few obelisks that I’d like to make and pretty up more of the area with growing things in containers and tidying up the horrid looking walls, but you know how it goes. A spot never really is finished, so I better show a picture now or I’ll never get to share it.

Stay tuned in the hope of some fresh produce. It’s almost weekend again and I have some radish to plant.

Happy almost weekend to you! Thanks for stopping by.


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