Grand Hotel Antiques

Look at what I found at Grand Hotel Antiques in Long Street, Albertsville. One more metal watering can and I’ll have myself a collection. Once I’ve sanded and painted (or just a white wash?) the little stool, bathing the girls in the bath shouldn’t be back breaking business. Of course, the little stool will come in handy if there’s little munchkins that need a bit of extra height around the house. Handy finds if you ask me.

  1. Fiona said:

    They are awesome! I’ll take a pic of mine soon. I have a bunch of rocket sprouting out of mine at the moment 🙂

    • Salomé said:

      Thanks! Oh, yours sounds fantastic! Very artistic growing rocket in it. Looking forward to the picture.

  2. Fiona said:

    I love those old metal watering can’s!
    I have an old rusted green one and I would love to get more. I would love to see the rest of your collection, do you have more pics?

    • Salomé said:

      Thanks for the comment Fiona. Unfortunately I only have one other one and no picture of it. Sounds like a good excuse to get another and do an entire watering can collection post. I love these old watering cans. There’s just something so charming and personal about it. Especially compared to plastic ones.

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