Veggie patch update & a word of caution on growing vegetables

Oh my. If I have to eat another piece of spinach and feta quiche… Well let’s just say I’d rather not. Lesson in veggie gardening learnt. If you want to grow spinach, plant nine seedlings only. NOT 18.

I’m taking out 9 of them this weekend and planting carrots with the peas (bed bottom right on the photo).

The bed bottom left’s big lettuce plants are also coming out. Two beds of lettuce? *Shrug. That’s how we learn I guess.

PS look at how handsomely my veggie patch is growing. Photos taken in August. Now that we’ve had our first proper rain I’m guessing this garden is going to “explode”.

Are YOU growing anything? I’d love to know.




  1. Fiona said:

    In my little wheelbarrow I have spinach, coriander and rocket.

    Your veggie patch looks awesome! Wow. Would love to see what amazing salads you are going to make this Summer 🙂

    • Salomé said:

      Thanks so much for commenting Fiona, your wheelbarrow really sounds divine. 🙂

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