Everybody loves a good before and after (my kitchen, but not the after)

I’m sorry to inform you that this is not the after but merely the progress.

Despite the hubs and myself working our little butts off the whole of last week, that between a termite infested house, wooden floor repairs and a kitchen redo (see kitchen before here) that we are not yet done with our kitchen.

So, herewith some progress pics. Because a progress post is better than no post at all.

Getting much worse before it gets better.

Starting to look promising on the side of the kettle. #lovingmynewkitchenalready

To date, we have

  • replaced our old stove
  • taken out the extractor fan
  • ripped out the old sink and cabinet
  • rearranged (the old kitchen cabinets were freestanding) the cabinets and put them on legs to make them standard height and in so doing created space for a dishwasher
  • installed a new countertop to standard kitchen countertop depth
  • installed a new tap
  • installed a new (now double) sink
  • installed new hardware

We still need to

  • make and install the corner door
  • finish painting the cabinets
  • give the saligna top another light sand and seal
  • install our white tile backsplash

It is going to look so kick ass once we’ve installed the tile.

Eventually we’d like to

  • buy/ get the dishwasher that we reworked cabinet space for (not pictured here, it is to the left of the sink)
  • get a silver cookerhood
  • install shelves on either side of cookerhood
  • get a real wicked chandelier up in there



I’m terribly pleased at how amazing this has turned out so far. I’m over the moon with my kitchen and even more excited at the hub’s crazy skills.

Hubs, I wouldn’t want to go through termite turmoil or a kitchen redo with anybody but you. If we can do this, we can do anything. Thank you for my new kitchen. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

  1. rut said:

    Beautiful 🙂

    • Salomé said:

      Ah dankie Rut! Ek het amper op my rug geval toe ek jou foto op FB sien waar jy staan met ‘n bak en jou tamaai wortels. Dit was seker die lekkerste pastei wat nog uit jou kombuis gekom het. 🙂

  2. That is such an awesome post. Thanks for sharing and have to say that the change is really great. Sometimes doing it slow and sure, while doing it your way, is the only way to go about a real good renovation. It has more meaning and appreciation. You get em gal.

    • Salomé said:

      Thank you for the kind words Rose. It is not easy, but totally so worth it.

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