An overdue post: family pictures 2012

We’ve been in our house a year. Well, just over a year. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I wrote this post and we took the very first family picture of the four of us.

When I realised it’s almost exactly a year ago, I knew it was time for some updated pics.

familypic2012 021 1

Clearly we can NOT get the girls to sit still but its the best we’re going to get. Oh well.

familypic2012 029 1

familypic2012 028 1

We look happy and busy and that feels like a pretty true picture of what we usually are.

Perhaps next year, we can get the girls to face the camera……. Yeah right 🙂

  1. Fiona said:

    Love the pics of the 4 of you. Your girls have grown since the last pic and yay for you on getting your striped walls 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona! Thanks for always leaving nice comments. I hope you have a lovely new year and wish you all the best in your Rockstar Kids venture.
      PS the striped walls didn’t last long. 😦 I decided to paint over them. 😦 Atleast I tried it, right?

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