With apologies to Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming


There comes a point in any project or home improvement where you find yourself sulking and crying just a little bit in the corner. Mainly because it just doesn’t feel like you are getting anywhere. I think when we decide that we can’t do it any more, we actually can still give another 60%.

So when things don’t go our way, we cry a little and decide to carry on and try again.

You see, we have to carry on, push through and keep swimming. Because if you don’t keep going and don’t get the ugly pipe in your dodgy sun room removed, you are not going to know that there is pressed ceiling underneath the plain ceiling board.

I mean, what a lovely surprise! Pressed ceiling! Jippieeee!

The hubs and I am beside ourselves with excitement. Tonight we’re raising the roof working on getting that prettiness exposed.

Wish us luck and let’s hope there’s no real reason why it was covered up in the first place….

PS Happy weekend!


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