To memories and making new ones

Here is a photograph I have of myself sitting on my mom’s lap.

photo (1)

It must have been my second or third Christmas and she’s helping me to open presents.

Because hubby and I are expecting our first bundle in November 2013 (yay!), there will be a tiny human on my lap come Christmas time. A tiny person that is going to officially turn this couple with two yellow dogs into a family. I am going to be a mom and hubby a daddy.

We really are just. So. Excited.

Note to self: Budget for Christmas decorations and a tree. You HAVE to have a Christmas tree at Christmas time if there’s going to be a baby. He/ she will be too small to remember what the house and decorations looked like, but as long as there’s an iPhone and Instagram, I HAVE to take pictures of our little one’s first Christmas. If he/ she is anything like his/ her parents, he/ she will really appreciate it in years to come.


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