Odin’s monthly photo project: 3 months new

odin-month3-photo-1 odin-month3-photo-2odin-month3-photo-4You are playing with your toys on your own and I can have a few more minutes to myself to do things like make supper.

Your grandparents absolutely love to see you and adore playing with you. You are interacting with the people around you so much. You are such a joy to share our life with.

You love it when we hold you up so you can stand. You are so strong and put all your weight on your feet. You are practically standing on your own, we’re simply holding you up.

You are paying a lot of attention to Lily and Poppy. You love to feel Lily’s soft ears. Poppy is a little afraid of you touching her, but she loves to lick your little feet.

You are only drinking formula now and are starting to sleep through. I’m feeling less like a zombie and think our life might be reaching a kind of ‘normal’ where one can expect to sleep for five hours straight and be able to manage the next day on that amount of sleep. I feel bad that you’re not breastfeeding anymore, but you’re a much happier little boy on formula because you are getting a good amount of sleep and wake up rested and smiling.

You have discovered your top lip. It is the funniest to watch you try suck it.

This month you are drooling quite excessively and we can see your gums are annoyingly itchy. You haven’t cut any teeth yet but we think you might reach your milestones quickly. You are our little genius.

Your family adores you. There is not a baby that has come into this world so loved. We love you so much!

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