This page is a showcase of paintings that I’ve done. Be sure to check back soon as I’m continuously adding artwork when its completed.

Smoke break on steps in Island of Zealand, Denmark 2012, oil on canvas (76 cm x 38 cm) – FOR SALE

Tasmania home renovation with boat 2012, oil on canvas (90 x 75 cm) – SOLD

Orange cosmos 2011, oil on canvas


Commissioned artwork: Little blue bird 2008, oil and denim on canvas (Panel 1: 60″ x 36″, Panel 2: 25″ x 36).

The coon series 2001, all oil on canvas – SOLD


Carnival 2000 Oil on canvas – SOLD

Also from 2000, A lifetime of memories hugely inspired by my trip to The States, 4 x A0 soft pastel on canson paper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these as much as I’ve enjoyed compiling this. Thanks for visiting!

For any queries, suggestions or advice on my art, send a pigeon to salomegraphix (at) gmail (dot) com or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Ursula said:

    I didn’t realize how talented you really are. So many beautiful paintings I never knew existed.! What a clever, amazing wife my son has! Xx

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