My little honey, Odie

I can not believe you are already 5 months old. You have completely stolen my and your daddy’s hearts. So much so that we battle to remember a time when you weren’t with us. We love you SO much. You are so small, yet I can’t believe how MUCH we love you. My heart overflows with smiles for you. You often reach out to me and put your little hand on my mouth and you won’t move your hand until I kiss it: Mwah! You always smile after a kiss like that.

You laugh and smile a lot. You’re experimenting with the sounds your little mouth makes. It is such a privilege to watch you grow. I’m sad to see one stage depart and a new one start. My favorite stage is always the latest one.

You love to play with your toes. You always smile when you see Lily and Poppy. Lily is always close by, watches over you and showers you with kisses.

You get a ton of kisses daily. When it’s not me or your daddy kissing you, it’s your Granny Gladys or Granddaddy David. In fact, you’ve been getting so many kisses that your little cheeks were red and dry. Oops!

I started work again this month and you stay with Granny Gladys and Granddaddy David at their guesthouse when we are at work. I’m so grateful that they can look after you. I know that they are the best people to leave you with if daddy and I am unable to look after you. Besides, we need to make money so we can send you to private school. We have so many dreams for you. You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. We love you so much, but we’re going to kick your ass if you become a hippy.

So much love and two tons of kisses.


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odin-month4-photo1 odin-month4-photo2I can’t believe you are 4 months old already. What’s even more incredible, is that you are now nearly double your weight since birth. Your beautiful little personality is starting to shine through each of your lovely gummy smiles.

We have laugh marathons where we smile and laugh at you with you smiling and laughing back. They last so long that my face eventually hurts?!

You have started to touch your toes. You have a grand time playing with them. You’ve also started to touch our faces. Your little mind is exploring and learning so much at the moment.

You are fascinated by your canine sisters Lily and Poppy. You love to see the animals at your granny Gladys’ guesthouse and smiled really big when you touched the cats Poplap and Lover.

You are a real little boy. When we make fart sounds with our mouths you always laugh. You also love and laugh when we give you kisses. Except when your grandaddy David kisses your cheek…. He has a mustache that tickles your face so you cringe whenever he gives you a kiss.

Your little cringes are too adorable; much like everything about you!

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odin-month3-photo-1 odin-month3-photo-2odin-month3-photo-4You are playing with your toys on your own and I can have a few more minutes to myself to do things like make supper.

Your grandparents absolutely love to see you and adore playing with you. You are interacting with the people around you so much. You are such a joy to share our life with.

You love it when we hold you up so you can stand. You are so strong and put all your weight on your feet. You are practically standing on your own, we’re simply holding you up.

You are paying a lot of attention to Lily and Poppy. You love to feel Lily’s soft ears. Poppy is a little afraid of you touching her, but she loves to lick your little feet.

You are only drinking formula now and are starting to sleep through. I’m feeling less like a zombie and think our life might be reaching a kind of ‘normal’ where one can expect to sleep for five hours straight and be able to manage the next day on that amount of sleep. I feel bad that you’re not breastfeeding anymore, but you’re a much happier little boy on formula because you are getting a good amount of sleep and wake up rested and smiling.

You have discovered your top lip. It is the funniest to watch you try suck it.

This month you are drooling quite excessively and we can see your gums are annoyingly itchy. You haven’t cut any teeth yet but we think you might reach your milestones quickly. You are our little genius.

Your family adores you. There is not a baby that has come into this world so loved. We love you so much!

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1 month new

odin-month1-photo-1 odin-month1-photo-2You are such a beautiful little baby. Your dad and I can’t stop staring at you in awe of how perfect you are. Lily and Poppy often go into your room to check on you in your cot and take turns to sleep in front of it. This entire month I’m very sore from surgery and am so grateful your daddy’s home for the first two weeks of your life. Sleep deprivation is killer. We are so glad that we scheduled a newborn photo shoot (Part 1 & Part 2) for you or we would have not taken such good professional photos of you and would not have had pictures of just how beautiful and small you are.

2 months new

odin-month2-photo-1odin-month2-photo-2You are changing so much every week if not every day. You already don’t look like a squishy newborn anymore but more and more like a handsome little boy.

I’m getting the hang of nappy changes and am less afraid to bath and dress you.

You surprise us with gummy smiles that melt our hearts.

You sleep through your first Christmas and New Year, understandably as you are still a very young baby. I opened your Christmas presents for you and you loved to play with the wrapping paper.